Complaints & Disputes 

“It is ok to make a complaint. No one will be upset”




The Bethany Care complaints process is clear, transparent and available to all relevant stakeholders.


We are committed to providing high quality services and recognise that feedback is an essential element in quality management and good client service. To help us continually improve the service that is provided to you and to others, it is important for people who use our services to speak up about their concerns. Consumers and their representatives have the right to make complaints or raise concerns with us if they are unhappy with any service provided by Bethany Care Limited (BCL). We view all complaints positively and regard them as valuable opportunities for continuous improvement. Any concerns you may have will be listened to and managed with respect for the rights of all people involved.


Our procedure aims to provide a proactive approach to complaints and disputes. We are dedicated to giving service users and their representatives support when raising concerns or issues. Service users and their representatives should have no fear of retributive action when highlighting complaints. BCL staff members are fully aware that there are severe penalties for such misconduct . BCL will always to encourage and assist people to raise their concerns directly with them us first, before taking the matter up with the Queensland Department of Communities – Disability Services.


What is a Complaint?


A complaint is defined as “an expression of dissatisfaction with any aspect of the services provided by BCL (this includes the actions of an employee or person otherwise engaged by BCL) where the complainant requires a formal way of having a complaint heard and resolved”.


When Does a Concern Become a Complaint?


A concern becomes a complaint where either;  The client indicates they wish to pursue the matter through the complaints process; or  The matter is not resolved informally to the satisfaction of the client and he/she wishes to pursue the matter further.


Who May Complain?


In general, any person may make a complaint to BCL. They may be made by service users, family members, friends, advocates or other representatives. Members of the public, including neighbours may also make complaints. An employee of person otherwise engaged by BCL may also make a complaint.


When Can I Expect a Response?


BCL is committed to assessing your complaint or concern and resolving it as quickly as possible.  From the time your complaint is received, we will endeavour to contact you within the next 24 hours, or next business day should the complaint be made on the weekend. Some complicated issues may take a while to resolve.


Making your complaint


You can make your complaint in person, by phone, letter or email, using this online form, or you can ask someone to assist you.


Our Commitment to You


– We will provide every opportunity for you to seek the support of a family member or other representative during the complaints process.
– Your feedback will be considered in a confidential manner and will only be discussed with the people directly involved.
– A compassionate Bethany Staff member will handle your concern or complaint. Where necessary, BCL will assist with completing the complaint form and will check with you that the details have been recorded accurately. We will gather information about your concern to help us work out how best to handle your issues.
– Our staff will talk with you about what will happen next. They will discuss the options for resolving your concern with you and you will be involved in any decisions that need to be made.
– Your complaint will be dealt with as quickly as possible and BCL will keep you informed about progress. Some complicated issues may take a while to resolve.

– We will consider how your complaint can be used to improve the services that BCL provides.
– Once the matter is resolved, someone from Bethany will talk with you to make sure you are satisfied with the process.


Helpful Steps to Consider When Making a Complaint

There are some simple steps you can take to help us manage your complaint or concern more effectively


1. Talk to someone you trust -It can help to clarify your issues if you speak about your feelings with someone you know and trust. We encourage you to contact and involve any family member or independent member of your
choice to assist you through the complaints process. If you would like us to contact a representative on your behalf, we would be happy to assist.
2. Act quickly – You should inform us about the issue as soon as possible.
3. Make it clear – Set out the order in which things happened including dates, descriptions of incidents, phone calls, letters or meetings. It will also help if you give us an idea of what action you would like us to take.


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